Civil Liberties and Human Rights.

We believe that the rights guaranteed to members of society, whether they be suspects, defendants, offenders or prisoners in our justice system, are fundamental human rights that protect us all from abuse of power. We are committed to upholding these rights.

We are experienced in challenging the decisions of courts, local authorities and public bodies, police misconduct, racism, violence, unlawful imprisonment, and malicious prosecution.

If you feel that the decisions made or your treatment by Government bodies have had or are having a seriously detrimental affect upon your life, we would urge you to seek advices immediately regarding your rights in such circumstances.

Criminal Cases and Advices at Police Stations
Personal Injury and Compensation Claims
Immigration and Asylum
Business Services
Conveyancing and Property Transactions
Matrimonial and Family Matters
Wills and Probate
Litigation and Debt Recovery

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